Money Saving Tips

With the cost of living increasing I thought I would share some tips how to save money.


  •  When going on holiday turn your geyser off.
  • Close any bank account that you have open but are actively using. Also limit the number of cash withdrawals during the month stay with your limit.
  •  Drink tap water instead of bottled water. You’ll save natural supplies and throw away fewer bottles, creating less waste for landfills.
  • Reduce your fuel consumption by 20% by driving at 100 Km/h (in the slow lane, of course).
  • Reduce your car’s average fuel consumption by up to 5% and save 60c per liter. Make sure your car isn’t carrying extra weight by emptying the boot.
  • Change bulbs- By changing low energy bulbs use up to 80% less electricity.
  • Check your cellphone package.
  • Stop Smoking! Apart from health benefits, you’ll save a significant amount of money buy not buying that pack a day. You save around R 8000 a year on cigarettes alone.
  • Give up your landline and use your cellphone only. You save R 2400 a year just on the line rental.