Information Security Risks

Most employees are somewhat aware of the value of information they have on them during normal day to day tasks and a fair amount of emphasis is placed on this by most organisations, yet not many employers out there make their employees aware of the dangers of a breach outside in their personal lives.

Child Safety and the Internet

By literally having the world’s knowledge at your fingertips, the internet can be a daunting place. Even though search engines like Google and social media platforms like Facebook try to create a “child safe” environment for under aged children, some still find ways to go pass those blocks.

Ergonomic Tips For Computer Users

Long hours use of a computer / Laptop can lead to frequent muscle aches and nerve pain unless a few guidelines are followed. You can make the difference to work more comfortably and safely if you incorporate the following ergonomic tips into your day to day life style.

Email Etiquette

In our daily busy schedules always demanding answers or feedback on all those important questions and requests, we also need to ensure we answer with pride, respect and honour, not only on behalf of the company, but also of yourself.

Phishing is everywhere.

Phishing is the attempt to obtain personal or any sensitive information related to individuals or businesses such as Usernames, ID numbers, Passwords, Addresses and Credit Card details.  This is often used for malicious reasons, disguised and requested from a trustworthy entity, usually in an electronic communication such as an e-mail. This mail will be asking you to verify your personal details or ask you to log into a website, possibly looking familiar to you.

Online PPE Issuing System

As the leader in the field, Select PPE developed a unique system to manage and control the issuing of PPE to workers of various industries. This system enables companies to comply with industry and regulatory requirements. Employers can use this system and configure a uniquely customised Issuing Protocol (IP) which stipulates the rules under which it will supply PPE to them.