The Pros and Cons of Hearing Protection

Ear protection refers to the range of devices and manners which an individual utillises to protect their ears from dangerous or harmful external sources, such as cold air, water, debris, or more frequently, high noise levels.

Hear to-day gone tomorrow – use your hearing protection!!

Hearing is a sense most of us take for granted. We are not mindful that it lets us enjoy life to the full. We can communicate with people, it allows us to enjoy music and it keeps us alert of possible danger. We don’t think about the potential risks we take by exposing ourselves to various loud noises. Be it at a shooting range, on a motorbike, in a noisy work setting or even just turning up the volume levels on your headphones.

Putting your best foot forward.

Let’s face it, when you hear “Safety Shoes”, you immediately think of ugly black shoes that weigh a ton and seems uncomfortable.