Accountability - A way of life

Often in the work place, accountability is seen as a myth. Which is the norm because as human beings, the need to be correct, is automatically instilled within us. It is part of our human nature. Therefore, it is important to learn to be accountable, to change this human nature that we have, as being accountable, benefits towards many aspects not only within a business but also within a team and within oneself.

It is proven that great leaders build a high-performance culture of accountability. This specifically relates to the work place, as when a person is accountable, the time in which to rectify a problem will be quicker than when the opposite is done. It will also build a greater understanding, of how to deal with different problems, as we know that each problem has its own specific way in which it can be rectified. This will also prevent the same problem from reoccurring thus leading to bigger, better results.

There are 4 ways to drive Pro-Activity within the work place:

  1. Challenge your team to make a choice to focus on solving problems rather than ignoring, denying or blaming.
  2. Develop a shared way of challenging blame, avoidance and denial in the team setting.
  3. Practice taking responsibility for actions made, this will build a stronger relationship and trust within the team.
  4. Lastly hold each other accountable to being proactive, self-aware, considered and to work as a team.

Always remember that accountability is the glue that ties commitment to the result. It breeds responsibility, and more responsibilities means more trust, which is always a good personality trait to acquire. When you blame others you give up your power to change …so ask yourself, do you choose to be a victim? or do you choose to be accountable?