Life Audit

Conduct a Life Audit

I dare you………………..

The text books explain an audit is a systematic and independent examination of books, accounts, statutory records, documents and vouchers of an organization to ascertain how far the financial statements as well as non- financial disclosures present a true and fair view of the concern.

An Auditor is sometimes named the “Inspector” ‘’Investigator” and ‘’Analyzer’’

Everyone can be a life auditor.

Conducting a life audit can help you determine whether you`re in control of your life and whether your life is headed in the right direction just the same with a company.

Life has a funny way of getting in its own way: we get so busy, sometimes we forget to look up.

That`s why every now and then it`s important to take a step back and check in:

How are we doing?

Where are we going?

What`s important now that perhaps wasn`t before?

I dare you, take an afternoon to do a life audit and find out.