Online PPE Issuing System

As the leader in the field, Select PPE developed a unique system to manage and control the issuing of PPE to workers of various industries. This system enables companies to comply with industry and regulatory requirements. Employers can use this system and configure a uniquely customised Issuing Protocol (IP) which stipulates the rules under which it will supply PPE to them.

This IP allows the customer to determine the specific PPE needs for each employee in line with their specific job requirements. The system is available online and can be accessed from anywhere, so even if you have multiple sites in various locations, you can have centralised views of all your PPE issued without the worry of abuse or that your workers do not comply to the requires safety clothing standards.

Benefits of the online issuing system

  • Issuing of products per employee
  • Cost-savings through controlled and monitored PPE usage
  • Accurate and live reporting on PPE drawn by employees between sites
  • Efficient and effective PPE procurement and management, as well as disposal of redundant PPE
  • Issuing and tracking of specialised equipment
  • Inventory control and re-ordering suggestions
  • Customer control of specific purchases in bulk, or the authorisation for issuing of items falling outside the ambit of the IP based on approvals
  • Constant new system innovations in an agile environment
  • Various notifications and automated management reports to identify usage based on cost or quantity per site, Cost Centre, product group per employee or on bulk with exceptions in or outside the IP