Positive Thinking…Positive Sales

Everywhere in today’s life one is bombarded with Billboards and Social Media graphics that goes on for days. This to an extent make me feel guilty and I for one am somewhat obligated to do the “shopping thing” with my wife on a regular basis, usually scaring the living daylights out of my budget!

When I for fill my obligation to commit myself in - as my wife says, “time well spent”, I always imagine myself in a time machine, coming from early 1600bc landing in a modern-day metro surrounded by imagery and networks who’s focus is SALES SALES SALES and I seem to find myself not being able to imagine what we would do without the environment of being able to buy “Stuff”.

“Stuff” brings happiness to many of us and though we as humanity are determined to gather as much of the “Stuff” as possible it is also important to remember that without “Stuff” one’s values and expectations in life will diminish. This in return has is positive and negative impact on our day to day livelihood and the choice remains with us to decide what our outcome in life should be.

That being said, if one chooses to be positive about life, one’s whole approach will change and we all know change is a good as a holiday. Being positive and thinking positive make the people around us positive. Implementing these values in our surrounding can greatly assist us in getting our challenges out in the open and solved with somewhat limited effort.

It’s as simple as a mind shift…


***Positive Thinking Brings Positive Sales***