How true is this quote?! If all people did their job according to these wise words, irrespective of what your job is, can you imagine the type of service one would get?! In my opinion, bad customer service will be non-existent.

However, in 2018 this is not the case with various reasons one of which can be the fact that we are all different human being, that interpret things in different ways.  Therefor the word professionalism will have many interpretations.

Irrespective of all the ways people interpret things or the type of job you do like driving a truck, cleaner, store manager or being the CEO, there are common on-the-job traits that define any working person as a true professional.  Basically, the job doesn't make you a professional, but your attitude does.

What is Professionalism?

If you are drawing Monetary Benefits for what you are doing, then you are in a profession. Thus, sports, acting, dancing, selling, politics everything is a profession. However, that doesn’t qualify you as a Professional. Being professional is a declaration, wherein you mention, how you like to get treated by others? It’s about attitude, behaviour, self-presentation; self-respect and dignity. It means that you not only know how to do your job, but you demonstrate a will to learn, cooperation and working together with others, showing respect, and living up to your commitments.

Being professional also means you avoid the kinds of behaviour that can cause trouble in the workplace.

Irrespective of a person’s profession he/she should demonstrate the following behaviours to be called as a professional.

  • Knowledge and skills of their profession;
  • Pride in a profession;
  • Accountability for his/her work;
  • Commitment to self-improvement your skills and knowledge;
  • Conscience and trustworthy;
  • Enjoying your work;
  • Being committed to your work;
  • To be a good team-player

PROFESSIONALISM means to be professional at your work place.

When you enter the premises of your office forget your home and when you leave your office for the day forget your office.

Myths about Professionalism:

  • Professionalism is all about money.
  • Credentials like diplomas, degrees, and specialized certifications contribute to professionalism.

Rules of Professionalism:

As business places become laid-back, professionalism is becoming overlooked and underrated. Never fall into the trap of informality. Prospects and customers want to work with people and companies that are professional and respectful. Follow your customer's lead in loosening up, avoid personal matters, don't bash your competitors and be on time for all appointments. If you obey these four rules, your prospects and customers will see you as a professional and will trust you with their business. Rules that make a better professional are as follows:

1. Forgetting your home during office hours. (Exceptions are there... Lunch time)

2. Not to discuss about your personal life.

3. Not to share your plans for career with colleagues.

4. Not to make friends at workplace.

5. Not to drink too much in a party.

Qualities of a True Professional:

1. Professionals are responsive and approachable

2. Professionals are knowledgeable

3. Professionals care about what they do

4. Professionals teach you something

Professional V/S Amateur

1. A professional learns every part of the job.                                                      An amateur skips the learning process whenever possible.

2. A professional carefully discovers what is needed and wanted.                      An amateur assumes what others need and want.

3. A professional looks, speaks and dresses like a professional.                          An amateur is sloppy in appearance and speech.

4. A professional keeps his or her work area clean and orderly.                         An amateur has a messy, confused or dirty work area.

5. A professional is focused and clear-headed.                                                     An amateur is confused and distracted.

6. A professional does not let mistakes slide by.                                                  An amateur ignores or hides mistakes.