Stand Together

We all stand together

It is only when a deadline comes up and your team starts to throw in there weight to help you reach your deadline, that you realise how important the phrase is “We all stand together”.

Standing with your team member means having his back and knowing that tomorrow he will have yours. In this way trust is built in a team and the weight of deadlines and workload is divided between the team.

We all make a choice daily to ether help a fellow employee or turn a blind eye, Me on the other hand would like to know that my team will step in when I need them to do so, therefor I would like to think I do my best to always assist them when in need.

Although this is not always posable with personal deadlines also coming up, but by standing together in word and in deed, even in a thought for your fellow employee makes the burden lighter and at the end of the day standing together creates family.