The whole purpose of starting a business is to offer a service or product and then make profit. We strive to offer the best service and quality products, though it is with hard work and dedication, I must say Teamwork is the ultimate icing on the cake. When the team understands what client service is and how to be the best for your customer, you understand the basic concept of selling. It all starts from an enquiry, you need to follow up on what your clients wants and what they don’t want. Whether is it over the phone or a walk-in customer. But what we fail to understand sometimes as a team, is that if you don’t get the support you need from other team members to close that sale, you stand to fail.

How you service your customers, reflects back on the organisation. Remember, when you interact with the client, you represent the company. Therefore, treat your work as if it is your business. Your commission is your profit. Depending on what a company does, it has a department that serves as the heart of the company. The heart needs blood and the blood needs to be pumped to circulate. Therefore, when there is a rhythmical throbbing of the arteries as blood is propelled through them, typically as felt in the wrists or neck we get a pulse. And when the pulse is weak or you cannot feel it at all, one needs to do everything in their power to save that life.

It’s the same in business, when you feel like you are failing your client or customer, you need to do your best to save that relationship. But everything comes back to working as a team to succeed together and bring in those sales. Your client is your pulse and your business needs a strong pulse. Put in the work as a team to keep the strong pulse.