The Canvas Customer Painting

In today fast pace of driving sales and ensuring that as a salesman you reach your targets within your budget a few pointers come to mind when the initial approach is merely as easy as painting a picture.

Being Prepared for the first approach is almost as important as showing up for the canvas call. “Never come empty handed and revert to always leaving a company memory,” is what everyone will tell you how ever this is what I call working towards the future of the sale and does not necessary create the initial bond that you as a salesperson would like to embrace. You as a salesperson should be obligated to identify your needs prior to the first approach. Your needs are as important and will assist you to identify the markers that you will need to guide yourself through the proses of the first introduction. Prior to approaching a canvas customer, one must try to determine the value of the canvas call and to what advantage this will give to you as a salesperson. This will in exchange allow you guidance and to what extend you need to keep pushing. Research will be the ultimate factor when doing your canvas call. Knowing WHO your customer is and WHAT it is that they do will be of great advantage to you as a sales person and this should also put your customer at ease not creating the notion of incompetency.

What to say when doing a canvas call is an important factor for you as a sales professional to learn if you want to have more success.

Happy painting…