The Core Values of Sales

This week we had the privilege to spend two DAYS with local and international leaders, trendsetters and visionaries of the business world.   The optimism and energy was contagious, pretty much immediately.  We were ensnared by the positivity and excitement of it all from the very first, to the very last session.  

And here we are.  One day later.  Equipped with workbooks and presentations, tools to use and statistics to remember.  But there was a non-verbal, non-printed, non-presented commonality between these people on stage.  Shared characteristics which speaks deeply to the core values of the Sales Person:

What is your vision?

Why do you do what you are doing?  Are you passionate about what you do?  Does it excite you?  What does you end-destination look like?  Sure, you have goals the same way as you have stepping stones, but goals alone will get you to “anywhere”, you require a vision to get you “there”.  

What is your passion-patience ratio?

You know the people in your workplace, in your life, in your family.  The ones with all the passion but no patience.  They are usually frustrated.  They struggle to communicate effectively.  You hardly ever see them smile.  How about the ones with all the patience but no passion?  The ones who believe “later” is fine, but “never” is better.  Nike’s “Just do it” is as confusing as the mathematical equation of a wormhole.  What does your passion-patience ratio look like?  Does it match the expectations of the people around you?

What does humility mean to you?

Do you truly appreciate, respect and care about the people around you?  Do you strive to make the life of the stranger on the other side of the planet, better?  Not that much?  How about helping the old lady carry her shopping bags to her car?   Not really?  When last did you thank the cleaner in your office for the hard work she does every day?  Not important?  When last did you ask your partner or child how their day was, putting your trials and tribulations aside for a moment?

How does all of this relate to sales?

Understand how your personal vision aligns with the vision of the company you represent.  These needs to be in sync for you to be truly believable to your customer. 

Be passionate enough to make the customer excited about what you represent, but patient and caring enough to understand their processes, challenges and timelines.

And lastly, you never know if your customer’s CEO prefers to paint his own office.  Be humble and kind enough to greet the painter, the cleaner, the builder, the plumber.  Care and humility cannot be faked.