You Are What You Write

As a candidate looking for work, you often have a challenge of impressing so many recruiters with just one general document, your RESUME. Because people are different, and you cannot have different types of resumes catering for each one, depending on what they are looking for, how about you perfect the general information required. I cannot speak for others but what I think is important is that a resume is a summary of who you are; It is the one document that speaks on your behalf in your absence. So, you must always ask yourself: What Does My Resume Say About Me?

You need to look out for grammatical errors, incorrect use of fonts, and so forth (so it doesn’t look like you have copied and pasted). Think of it this way, when you prepare for an interview, you are probably thinking, “first impressions count” right? so you dress to impress! Yes, so for us, we have already met you through your resume. We already know if you pay attention to detail or not, or that certain information is omitted to either pull us into engaging with you directly or that you may be hiding something. Keep in mind that it is as if you are talking to us face to face. What would you want to tell me as a recruiter? What is it that you want me to know about you, to make me want to pick up the phone and call you?

Everyone is important, and everyone wants to be heard.  You must stand out because you are unique. That trade will lure a recruiter to you. Simplicity says a lot, so keep it simple and straight to the point.  The point is to introduce yourself and tell us why we should call you (because you have the right experience and/or qualification, your attributes are the right kind of mix and you are just too awesome to pass by). That’s just my opinion.